Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Not Long Now

First of all, I'd like to thank everyone who has commented and given me advice about my dilemma. I really appreciate the kind words and encouragement. I know that no matter the outcome, Rem will have a good home.

I would also like to wish my fellow competitors good luck in the upcoming competition. I hope your travels are safe, no matter how far you've got to go. I am really looking forward to meeting everyone at the meeting on Thursday night.

Now, onto the preparations!!

Here is the unsuspecting Remington, moments before...

...HIS BATH!!! It was 70 degrees out today, so I couldn't resist. Rem was pretty good, considering how cold the water was. He danced a little, but I couldn't blame him.

I had lots of help though... the dogs made sure I had the grooming supplies I needed.

And the girls were a great audience, they made Remington feel like a real stud!!

Now for some before and after photos. Do you remember this one?? That's the muddy mustang
that came home with me on January 9th.

And this is the beautiful mustang, headed to Madison for the Midwest Horse Fair. He was still
a little wet in that photo, but I'd say that's a pretty nice makeover...

Well, my next update will be tomorrow night, when I get home from the fair. We will have had the trainer meeting so I am hoping I will know more about when exactly I will be competing. I am not sure if they will have the order pre-determined or if they will be drawing the day of each competition.

We are leaving at 7 am to get to the grounds at 8 am, when they open. I'm hoping to get a good spot for the trailer, as Barn 1 is just about as far from the trailer parking lot as you can get...

Well, I've still got quite a few things to do tonight, like filling out an adoption application!! So I am going to get to it.


Callie said...

Good Luck, kiddo, see ya there, hopefully!

Christy said...

Rem cleans up real nice!! Henry had his first real bath the other day too. I love nice weather!

I'm praying that Rem gets to keep you. I'm praying real hard for that. All I ask in return is that you update the minute you can so that we all know what happened.

Good Luck, and remember that everything happens for a reason!

Tracey said...

Holding my breath for you, Jessie! Can't wait for the play by play.

Remington looks faboo! Big hugs and good luck!

jamie said...

Hey Jess-my computer died on me, just now getting here to wish you GOOD LUCK. I will keep all my crossables crossed that you come home with Rem. You have done a great job and should be real proud of yourself. And Rem looks great. He's a handsome fellow!!!
I'll be checkin in,

bryn said...

Thank you so much for all you have done. . . we are part of your ride. . . your fans from all across the country.

I pray Remington comes home with you and I pray Monna gets a home with kids.

We are anxiously awaiting all the details.

jules said...

Good luck Jessie! [& to all the other mustang makeover-ers] Have a great time at the competition, really strut your stuff! I'm keeping fingers [also toes, ankles, knees, eyes] tightly crossed that Rem & you get to stay together.

And wow - what a hunk! I can't get over that transformation! You should both be very very proud of yourselves, regardless of competition outcome.

Big hugs & best wishes for the next step in this big adventure.

jules said...

Good luck Jessie & Rem! Don't forget - enjoy yourself & have a great time strutting your stuff & meeting the other mustang makeover-ers - good luck to them too.

And WOW - what a hunk! I can't believe the transformation. You two should be so very, very proud of yourselves for what you've achieved.

I'm keeping my fingers [also toes, ankles, eyes ... ] tightly crossed that you & Remington get to stay together. Borrow the $$$ if you have to!

Good luck & best wishes from Oz.

I'm Mikey said...

Oh we wish you the best of luck and I'll be checking back to see your updates. Boy, I'd sure like to be there and watch!!

Tracey said...


Have you had your meeting? What did you learn? Oh, how I wish there were just a few extra hours in your day so you could come back and let us in on each little detail as it happens!

Not that I'm anxious or anything like, not at all...