Sunday, April 20, 2008

Last Day

Just a quick update before I leave for today... We did okay yesterday but he was so nervous that I didn't want to do much for our 2 minutes of freestyle at the end of our pattern. Over all we finished 31st out of the 53 horses that were there, although there may have been less due to a few scratches. I think I'll look at this competition like an endurance race, "To finish is to win", right?? I have video but no time to get it up, I promise you will have some tonight. I also have a few highlights of the top 10 finalists!

It was a great show and a FULL HOUSE!! The seating capacity in the arena was for 8,000 people, and there were people standing in the aisles trying to watch. It was crazy. I was a little worried when a fight almost broke out behind us because one man wouldn't give up the seats he was saving for some people who weren't there yet, but they kept announcing that you can't save seats... They also ran out of parking at the event, so a lot of people who came had to park elsewhere and walk. I think this is going to be a record breaking year in sales for the Midwest Horse Fair!!

Also, I would like to thank Jeri (who I have never met before), who found me and handed me some cash to help buy Rem, I will be forever grateful. I also got her number from a friend, so I will be calling to do a painting of any animals she has in return for her kindness.

I have a few more friends who've got my back if the bidding goes over $500, so I am hoping to bring him home with me! I will let you know as soon as I can, and I will post video tonight!


Tracey said...

Oh, Jessie! I'm so excited for you and praying you've got enough to bring your crazy mustang home!!!

Callie said...

Good Luck. Hope you get him! Can't wait to see the video!

Nancy said...

I was looking for you, I did find Rem. He looked good. Could you post the winners.I am keeping my fingers crossed so you can bring your boy home.Nancy

nativetxan said...

Hope I check in later to find you and Remy both home!!! I still have everything crossed! Good Luck, Jess!

I'm Mikey said...

Oh YEAH! We are so proud of you!! You did it!!!
And kudos to Jeri, that's the sweetest thing ever. I hope you get to keep him :)
Keep us posted, can't wait to see the video!

debbie said...

congrats to the 2 of you.. and i hope this finds you BOTH home.
cant wait to see the video-
and thanks for sharing your progress with us-it has been great to watch...