Friday, April 18, 2008

Hip #53

Hey everyone, sorry I didn't update last night, I was exhausted!!! You'll notice the title of this post is hip #53, and there are 53 horses going through the sale :-) Somehow we managed to draw LAST!!! I am pretty excited about that, I'm hoping that everyone will have spent all their money and won't want to wait around until the end of the auction to bid. We'll see what happens. As far as the in hand and riding patterns, I drew the 46th position for in hand and I will be 32nd in the riding course.

They made a few changes to the scoring system in this competitions since so many people were disqualified from the first event. They said no one would be disqualified in this event. That made me happy, but at the same time I wasn't real worried about going off pattern.

Well I am hoping to have someone video the in hand pattern for me, so I will try to get it posted tonight. I am not sure if the Alliant Energy Center has WiFi or not, but I am going to bring my laptop just in case.

Well, I've got to be to Madison by 7:30 am to get Remington paint branded with his number, so I am headed out now!

Wish us luck!!


Tracey said...

That's a good draw for the adoption, no doubt! Prayers said to quiet your nerves and give you and Rem a good go!

Looking forward to video...but sure do understand if you're too tired :)

Bipster2 said...

GOOD LUCK GIRL!!! Have a blast and I hope you bring him home with you. Wish we (me and my 10 yr old daughter) could be there to watch. We have been following you all along. We will be checking for updates. Cowgirl up!!

I'm Mikey said...

Ok I thought there were more than 53. Didn't it start with 100 horses and trainers? Or am I wrong? Just curious.
We're prayin for ya!!! Fingers crossed and all. Good luck girl and we can't wait for video!! We're excited for you!

nativetxanj said...

I hope you're right and that Remy being last will assure you can bring him home! Keeping everything crossed for you!

Anonymous said...

YEAAAAA!!!! Hopefully he's all yours. Our fingers & hooves are crossed that he's coming home with you!!!

Callie said...

Sorry, Jessie, we didn't get to stay. We're old and decrepid and after being there 6 hours and over an hour drive home, we had to get going. It was so nice meeting you, What luck on the draw! Hope you do get the video up, cuz sure would like to see it! Oh and sorry about the greeting hug, hope I didn't creep you out.