Monday, April 21, 2008


I finally got some time to put together the highlights video, but I have to apologize to a few of the top 10 trainers who were not in the video. I wanted to get everyone, but my memory card ran out and then I had to change it so I missed a performance, and the spare card only had 8 minutes of video available. I am really sorry, but hopefully someone filmed Jazz's performance and will get it out there for everyone to see, otherwise you'll just have to buy the video from the Mustang Heritage Foundation and see it for yourself!!

Anyway, here it is... I also put Danee Rudy's performance up in it's entirety because it was my personal favorite! She did an awesome job with that little horse of hers.

I also have so many people to thank! Patti Colbert and her husband of course, for letting me bring my horse home! Also, my friends bidding for me! Aubrey, Cindy and Uncle Bill. A huge thanks to the people who offered up their own money to help bring Rem home, Floyd and Diane, Clint and Kathy, Sara, Jeri, Erin and her husband, Brenda, Lynne, Tracy, and my boyfriend, Joe. They are the reason the bidding went so high! Last but not least, thanks to all of you who have been following along!! I appreciate the comments everyone leaves, and even those of you who aren't commenting, I know you're watching. It has been so much fun, and I will continue to blog! In fact, I was invited to come down to the Fort Worth competition to volunteer and I think I might just do that. Of course I would have to bring my laptop and keep everyone updated!! :-)

The final scores are up on the Mustang Heritage Foundation website, so check there if you're interested in where your favorite horse placed.

Aubrey took great notes for me all weekend so here is a list of what the horses sold for and if they went home with their trainers...

Hip #1 - Jed trained by Robin Secrist - $850
Hip #2 - Vegas trained by Dan Vale - $1100
Hip #3 - Shelby trained by Rick Roberts - $900 - back to Rick
Hip #4 - Vegas trained by Ryan Rose - $1300
Hip #5 - Mustang Mare trained by Tracy Porter - $2000 - back to Tracy
Hip #6 - Carolina trained by Dave Robart - $2000
Hip #7 - Classic Addition trained by Kathi McConnell - $3600
Hip #8 - Centella trained by Melissa Merow - $800
Hip #9 - Lucy trained by Karina Lewis - $550 - back to Karina
Hip #10- Kind-Eyes Legacy trained by Dave McClelland - $900 - back to Dave
Hip #11 - Slingshot trained by Kirk Johnson - $500
Hip #12 - Jumper trained by Cody Keller - $2700
Hip #13 - Monna trained by Cory Houtakker - $1500
Hip #14 - Ballentina trained by Jesus Jauregui - $1100
Hip #15 - Callie trained by Edward Coghe - $1000
Hip #16 - Elko Sage trained by Travis Dittmer - $1700
Hip #17 - Trust trained by Dan Grunewald - $7000 - back to Dan
Hip #18 - Vera-Marie trained by Bill Campbell - $400- back to Bill
Hip #19 - Tennessean trained by Chase Dodd - $2600
Hip #20 - Boss trained by Gary Wind - $1500
Hip #21 - Telluride trained by Kari Crawford - $1500
Hip #22 - Firecracker trained by Glenn Cyphers - $2000
Hip #23 - Mustang Sally trained by Richelle Beene - $2000
Hip #24 - Sign trained by Rebecca Bishop $1150
Hip #25 - Trace trained by Lori Wegner -$800
Hip #26 - Marli trained by Jennifer Williams - $500
Hip #27 - JP trained by Ruben Villasenor - $4700 - back to Ruben
Hip #28 - Alastor trained by Marcus Wadley - $900
Hip #29 - Shonee trained by Phillip Bottenfield - $600 - back to Phil
Hip #30 - Miss Mariah trained by Rich Bruner - $1300 - back to Rich
Hip #31 - Mustang Sally trained by Mark Burnette - $2700 (Mark should be a comedian!)
Hip #32 - Bella trained by Makon Buzzell - $1250
Hip #33 - Belle Snort trained by Judy Guenther - $2100
Hip #34 - Guardian trained by Rachel Gullickson - $2900
Hip #35 - Elvis trained by Lalo Govea - $9000
Hip #36 - Cheveyo trained by Mike Cross - $450 - back to Mike
Hip #37 - Uno trained by Wess Ehret - $3300
Hip #38 - America trained by Sonny Garguilo - $3200 - back to Sonny
Hip #39 - Rocky trained by Shawn Hall - $2100
Hip #40 - Westie trained by Nadia Heffner - $1100
Hip #41 - SCRATCH
Hip #42 - Great Addie trained by Michelle Kostrzewa - $500
Hip #43 - Foxy trained by Lisa Leach - $800
Hip #44 - SCRATCH
Hip #45 - Jazz trained by Suzanne Myers - $5000 - back to Suzanne
Hip #46 - SCRATCH
Hip #47 - Ladybird trained by Carol Nunamaker - $850
Hip #48 - Josie trained by Dena Plendl - $1500
Hip #49 - Son trained by Davin Rudy - $350
Hip #50 - Rave trained by Danee Rudy - $2000 - back to Danee
Hip #51 - Nash trained by Jessi Schmitt - $800 - back to Jess
Hip #52 - Bud Lite trained by Ken Schwab - $2700
And we all know where Hip #53 went :-P


Tracey said...

Thank you, Aubrey, for the great notes!

And thank you, Jessie, for taking us along on your journey. Naturally, we all expect to see you at the mustang forum on a regular basis now :)

Anonymous said...

So glad everything worked out for you. I am sure Remington was one happy boy to see "home" again. He is one lucky guy to have you!! Thanks for filling my weekend with tears :) Happy tears in the end of course!! Congrats!! I will email you soon!

I'm Mikey said...

Ahhh, that was so good! We're all so proud of you and everything the two of you accomplished. You inspire the rest of us :)

batman104 said...

I have posted several times as annonoumus but because of you I finaaly got an account just so I can thank you for everything.

I live just South of Ft. Worth and if you come down and need anything just yell.

nativetxan said...

Thanks for the videos and info! Glad you are going to continue to blog too. Hey, if you do come down to Ft Worth and need a place to stay, I live about 45 min from Will Rogers Colesium. I have plenty of room, so you are welcome here! Give Remy a hug for me!


Jessie said...

Tracey, I will of course stick around the forum now that I am an official mustang owner. :-)

Thank you Erin!

Mikey, thanks for the kind words.

Batman and Jamie, thanks for the invite! I will be sure to look you both up should I need anything. Otherwise be sure to come to the Makeover so we can meet!