Friday, April 18, 2008


Today was quite an experience for me and Remington. The in hand course proved to be quite a task for many of the mustangs in the competition. All those people crammed into a tiny arena sure makes for a nervous mustang!

The pattern started out with a trotting serpentine through the cones, with a big crowd of people and banners to the right. We started off well enough but when Rem got pushy and I gave the lead rope a snap he decided he was having none of that! Then we had to pick up all four feet, Rem was just not himself. The night before we practiced in the arena and he stood rock solid for his feet to be picked up, but not today. I only got 3, and that was after numerous hindquarter yields. Normally he settles right down, but no such luck. Then it was a walk over the poles, he did that well I thought, but the judges didn't really agree with me... From the poles we had to load into a trailer and on the way he stepped on my heel, GREAT! He loaded, but it took him 2 tries. Then onto the back through where he spooked at the shrubbery maybe? Who knows, and then a 270 degree turn to the right and a trot out.

It was a pretty terrible pattern, and I am very disappointed that we didn't do better. I really thought Remington could handle it, but I was wrong. There is nothing I can do now though, and I have to look at the bright side, who is going to want such a CRAZY mustang?? :-)

I know how great he can be, and I really don't need to prove it to anyone in this competition, so I am just going to have fun tomorrow. If I feel uncomfortable in the coliseum I will just walk and trot the pattern. No sense in getting bucked off in front of 8,000 people.

Thanks to all of you who have introduced yourselves. It really is nice to meet the people who are reading along.

(Oh, and Callie, I was not freaked out about the hug!)

So for our scores we are probably slightly below the middle of the bunch. My chances of making the top 10 are pretty much gone, but I am okay with it because he isn't ready for something like that. The top 2 horses so far are Jazz with Suzanne Myers and Rave with Danee Rudy! I am so happy for both of them, because as good as all these trainers are, wouldn't it be great to see a woman win?? ;-) I hope I don't sound too sexist!

Well I am going to get this video uploaded and head to bed, I am sorry for any typos or grammar problems, I am SO tired!!


Kathy M said...

Don't be discouraged! It has to be tough for them to go into an arena with so many people. In TX at least there was a 5' wall so they weren't eye to eye with the crowd and that probably helped.

The people that have followed your blog will know what he can do when not in a strange stressful place.

I hope being last at the adoption works out for you. Could backfire though as that will be their last chance to adopt one...

Katee said...

I was there Jess! I didn't get to meet you, but I did see you and Remington do your pattern and the whole time I was thinking "Rem can do this better." Just so you know--you had at least one person out there in that tremendous crowd who knew this was not Rem being his normal self. I thought you handled everything with a lot of grace!

Tracey said...

Don't feel bad, Jess. Rem was just nervous, and I'll bet you were, too. He no doubt picked up on your nerves and it didn't help to be right next to the crowd like that. And you're right, it could just play out in your favor come Sunday! Hey...perhaps you could purposely blow your riding pattern, eh? :D

Thanks for taking the time to share your day with us. I'm sure it was exhausting!

Beth said...

The video is good. He just looks worried! Poor kid!

I think I saw you riding in the warm up ring when we got there at about 2:30 yesteray.

We walked through the barns twice, saw Rem, but you werent there either time.

Going to try to come today, but wont be there until after the riding competition starts.

Good luck!

Callie said...

I remember you said that most of the people had trouble with their Mustangs as it was such close quarters in there. I think he did pretty darn good and so did you, with all those people and close quarters, you were able to keep reasonable control. Good Job!

bryn said...

You have fans across the globe, so Remember we do not care how fancy your arena work is. . . you two are priceless to us!

Many of us are living our dreams through you and Remington.

We wait for your updates and applaud you two, regardless of where you are in the standings.

How did Monna do? How did Karina and Lucy do?

Have fun today.

ell said...

You were so fabulous dealing with his anxiety! I could not get as far as that with my home bred 5 year old at her first clinic! We all know how amazing he is at your quiet barn. This was just so much to deal with all at once. I was still impressed! can't wait to hear about today.

I'm Mikey said...

Awww, it wasn't so bad!!! I agree, it's hard in an arena with a lot of people and horses and scary stuff. This challenge is meant to be hard!!!
I thought you both did real good!

hooterhorse said...

Hey Jess,
Does anyone know how Tracy Porter and her mustang are doing so far?
Best wishes for a successful and safe ride!!! You go Remington!
Jean & Houdini

Christy said...

I might sound like a total crack head by saying this, but I am so happy he was so nervous, and I think you should get bucked a safe way of course.

Having the trainer go flying would be like taking at least half the bidders away. I say go for it!!

All in the interest of you getting to keep Rem of course....

nativetxan said...

Hey Jess, You know and we know how good Remy is. Like you said, the up side is maybe you CAN adopt him!!! Sorry about your day, but dopn't you be disappointd. You have done a great job, and whith all the commotion there, lots of "broke" horses would have a hard time. Hang in.

The People History said...

You can do no more than your best Jessie and he looks good whatever he scores , so do not get down hearted . Plus REMEMBER this is the first time you have ever taken on a challenge like this so you can only learn

steve and callie

Tracey said...

Christy, you crack me up, Little Miss Crack Head :)

Andrea said...

Wow, for a first time in such a chaotic situation I think he did great! I can't wait to see more videos and hear how the bidding turned out.