Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Happy to be Home

Just thought I'd let you all know that Remington is so happy to be home. The grass is turning green and the trees are budding FINALLY!! Poor Remington was probably beginning to think he'd been moved to the North Pole.

Here he is tearing it up in the arena. I hadn't clipped his feathers for the show, but I went ahead and did that today. A lot of the mustangs had their feathers clipped and I thought it looked pretty sharp.

And just a couple photos from the event of the walk through and the crowd for the finals.

Monday, April 21, 2008


I finally got some time to put together the highlights video, but I have to apologize to a few of the top 10 trainers who were not in the video. I wanted to get everyone, but my memory card ran out and then I had to change it so I missed a performance, and the spare card only had 8 minutes of video available. I am really sorry, but hopefully someone filmed Jazz's performance and will get it out there for everyone to see, otherwise you'll just have to buy the video from the Mustang Heritage Foundation and see it for yourself!!

Anyway, here it is... I also put Danee Rudy's performance up in it's entirety because it was my personal favorite! She did an awesome job with that little horse of hers.

I also have so many people to thank! Patti Colbert and her husband of course, for letting me bring my horse home! Also, my friends bidding for me! Aubrey, Cindy and Uncle Bill. A huge thanks to the people who offered up their own money to help bring Rem home, Floyd and Diane, Clint and Kathy, Sara, Jeri, Erin and her husband, Brenda, Lynne, Tracy, and my boyfriend, Joe. They are the reason the bidding went so high! Last but not least, thanks to all of you who have been following along!! I appreciate the comments everyone leaves, and even those of you who aren't commenting, I know you're watching. It has been so much fun, and I will continue to blog! In fact, I was invited to come down to the Fort Worth competition to volunteer and I think I might just do that. Of course I would have to bring my laptop and keep everyone updated!! :-)

The final scores are up on the Mustang Heritage Foundation website, so check there if you're interested in where your favorite horse placed.

Aubrey took great notes for me all weekend so here is a list of what the horses sold for and if they went home with their trainers...

Hip #1 - Jed trained by Robin Secrist - $850
Hip #2 - Vegas trained by Dan Vale - $1100
Hip #3 - Shelby trained by Rick Roberts - $900 - back to Rick
Hip #4 - Vegas trained by Ryan Rose - $1300
Hip #5 - Mustang Mare trained by Tracy Porter - $2000 - back to Tracy
Hip #6 - Carolina trained by Dave Robart - $2000
Hip #7 - Classic Addition trained by Kathi McConnell - $3600
Hip #8 - Centella trained by Melissa Merow - $800
Hip #9 - Lucy trained by Karina Lewis - $550 - back to Karina
Hip #10- Kind-Eyes Legacy trained by Dave McClelland - $900 - back to Dave
Hip #11 - Slingshot trained by Kirk Johnson - $500
Hip #12 - Jumper trained by Cody Keller - $2700
Hip #13 - Monna trained by Cory Houtakker - $1500
Hip #14 - Ballentina trained by Jesus Jauregui - $1100
Hip #15 - Callie trained by Edward Coghe - $1000
Hip #16 - Elko Sage trained by Travis Dittmer - $1700
Hip #17 - Trust trained by Dan Grunewald - $7000 - back to Dan
Hip #18 - Vera-Marie trained by Bill Campbell - $400- back to Bill
Hip #19 - Tennessean trained by Chase Dodd - $2600
Hip #20 - Boss trained by Gary Wind - $1500
Hip #21 - Telluride trained by Kari Crawford - $1500
Hip #22 - Firecracker trained by Glenn Cyphers - $2000
Hip #23 - Mustang Sally trained by Richelle Beene - $2000
Hip #24 - Sign trained by Rebecca Bishop $1150
Hip #25 - Trace trained by Lori Wegner -$800
Hip #26 - Marli trained by Jennifer Williams - $500
Hip #27 - JP trained by Ruben Villasenor - $4700 - back to Ruben
Hip #28 - Alastor trained by Marcus Wadley - $900
Hip #29 - Shonee trained by Phillip Bottenfield - $600 - back to Phil
Hip #30 - Miss Mariah trained by Rich Bruner - $1300 - back to Rich
Hip #31 - Mustang Sally trained by Mark Burnette - $2700 (Mark should be a comedian!)
Hip #32 - Bella trained by Makon Buzzell - $1250
Hip #33 - Belle Snort trained by Judy Guenther - $2100
Hip #34 - Guardian trained by Rachel Gullickson - $2900
Hip #35 - Elvis trained by Lalo Govea - $9000
Hip #36 - Cheveyo trained by Mike Cross - $450 - back to Mike
Hip #37 - Uno trained by Wess Ehret - $3300
Hip #38 - America trained by Sonny Garguilo - $3200 - back to Sonny
Hip #39 - Rocky trained by Shawn Hall - $2100
Hip #40 - Westie trained by Nadia Heffner - $1100
Hip #41 - SCRATCH
Hip #42 - Great Addie trained by Michelle Kostrzewa - $500
Hip #43 - Foxy trained by Lisa Leach - $800
Hip #44 - SCRATCH
Hip #45 - Jazz trained by Suzanne Myers - $5000 - back to Suzanne
Hip #46 - SCRATCH
Hip #47 - Ladybird trained by Carol Nunamaker - $850
Hip #48 - Josie trained by Dena Plendl - $1500
Hip #49 - Son trained by Davin Rudy - $350
Hip #50 - Rave trained by Danee Rudy - $2000 - back to Danee
Hip #51 - Nash trained by Jessi Schmitt - $800 - back to Jess
Hip #52 - Bud Lite trained by Ken Schwab - $2700
And we all know where Hip #53 went :-P

Sunday, April 20, 2008


Yep, you read right, I was outbid. But, more on that later, first let's talk about the competition!

1st place went to Jazz and Suzanne Myers!! They did a great job and were the most consistent pair throughout the entire competition. Jazz also went home with Suzanne for $5,000.

2nd place went to Travis Dittmer from Texas and his gelding, Elko Sage. He sold for $1,700.

3rd place was Dave Robart and his mare, Carolina. She sold for $2,000.

4th place belonged to Dan Grunewald and Trust. She sold for $7,000 back to Dan.

Those are the placings I know for sure, but I'm not sure how everyone else stands in the top 10, but here they are and what their horses sold for.

Danee Rudy was able to buy her gelding, Rave, back for $2,000.
Lalo Govea's horse, Elvis, sold for $9,000. Lalo also got the professional trainer sportsmanship award.
Rachel Gullickson's, Guardian, sold for $2,900.
Firecracker, trained by Glenn Cyphers sold for $2,000.
Ryan Rose sold his horse Vegas for $1,300.
Finally, Jumper, trained by Cody Keller sold for $2,700.

Lots of trainers were able to bring their horses home, including Tracy Porter, who was able to bid $2,000 to take back her little mare.

I will be posting a highlight video of the top 10 when I get a chance to put it together. I wasn't able to film everyone, but I did get a couple performances.

The horse course will be up on youtube soon, so watch for it. Rem was really good, and if he didn't have such a nervous rider I know he could have performed better. He picked up the wrong lead a few times, and he was tossing his head a lot, but he did try for me. I was shaking by the time I made it into our freestyle time, so I just decided I had had enough. Rem wasn't a fan of that coliseum either. So, instead of wasting more time trying to get a nervous horse to do things I just bowed out and headed for the gate.

So I am sure you are all wondering, if I was outbid, then who took Remington home?

Well I was crying even before we made it into the arena, I just couldn't comprehend the notion of having to give up my horse. It was so hard, and as I sat on my horse crying my eyes out, Weslie Elliot announced that I had won the amateur trainer sportsmanship award, (thank you to all the trainers who voted for me!) so that gave me an extra $500 to put towards Remington. So that made $1,000 to bring my horse home. I was STILL hysterical as the bidding started, and as it climbed. To $1,000 then $1200. Aubrey still had it at $1400, but as it rose to $1500 she gave it up.

She gave it up to the Colbert Ranch (also headquarters of the Mustang Heritage Foundation)!! That's right!! Patti Colbert sent Remington HOME WITH ME!!!! Not only did they buy Rem for me, but they sent Nash home with Jessi Schmitt as well!! It truly was a dream come true, I couldn't believe it. I still feel like I'm going to wake up at any moment and it won't be real anymore.

Over all I think they raised about $90,000 for the Mustang Heritage Foundation. It was a great success. Like I said, I'll get some video up of the top 10 as soon as I get a chance, but right now I need some sleep!!

Last Day

Just a quick update before I leave for today... We did okay yesterday but he was so nervous that I didn't want to do much for our 2 minutes of freestyle at the end of our pattern. Over all we finished 31st out of the 53 horses that were there, although there may have been less due to a few scratches. I think I'll look at this competition like an endurance race, "To finish is to win", right?? I have video but no time to get it up, I promise you will have some tonight. I also have a few highlights of the top 10 finalists!

It was a great show and a FULL HOUSE!! The seating capacity in the arena was for 8,000 people, and there were people standing in the aisles trying to watch. It was crazy. I was a little worried when a fight almost broke out behind us because one man wouldn't give up the seats he was saving for some people who weren't there yet, but they kept announcing that you can't save seats... They also ran out of parking at the event, so a lot of people who came had to park elsewhere and walk. I think this is going to be a record breaking year in sales for the Midwest Horse Fair!!

Also, I would like to thank Jeri (who I have never met before), who found me and handed me some cash to help buy Rem, I will be forever grateful. I also got her number from a friend, so I will be calling to do a painting of any animals she has in return for her kindness.

I have a few more friends who've got my back if the bidding goes over $500, so I am hoping to bring him home with me! I will let you know as soon as I can, and I will post video tonight!

Friday, April 18, 2008


Today was quite an experience for me and Remington. The in hand course proved to be quite a task for many of the mustangs in the competition. All those people crammed into a tiny arena sure makes for a nervous mustang!

The pattern started out with a trotting serpentine through the cones, with a big crowd of people and banners to the right. We started off well enough but when Rem got pushy and I gave the lead rope a snap he decided he was having none of that! Then we had to pick up all four feet, Rem was just not himself. The night before we practiced in the arena and he stood rock solid for his feet to be picked up, but not today. I only got 3, and that was after numerous hindquarter yields. Normally he settles right down, but no such luck. Then it was a walk over the poles, he did that well I thought, but the judges didn't really agree with me... From the poles we had to load into a trailer and on the way he stepped on my heel, GREAT! He loaded, but it took him 2 tries. Then onto the back through where he spooked at the shrubbery maybe? Who knows, and then a 270 degree turn to the right and a trot out.

It was a pretty terrible pattern, and I am very disappointed that we didn't do better. I really thought Remington could handle it, but I was wrong. There is nothing I can do now though, and I have to look at the bright side, who is going to want such a CRAZY mustang?? :-)

I know how great he can be, and I really don't need to prove it to anyone in this competition, so I am just going to have fun tomorrow. If I feel uncomfortable in the coliseum I will just walk and trot the pattern. No sense in getting bucked off in front of 8,000 people.

Thanks to all of you who have introduced yourselves. It really is nice to meet the people who are reading along.

(Oh, and Callie, I was not freaked out about the hug!)

So for our scores we are probably slightly below the middle of the bunch. My chances of making the top 10 are pretty much gone, but I am okay with it because he isn't ready for something like that. The top 2 horses so far are Jazz with Suzanne Myers and Rave with Danee Rudy! I am so happy for both of them, because as good as all these trainers are, wouldn't it be great to see a woman win?? ;-) I hope I don't sound too sexist!

Well I am going to get this video uploaded and head to bed, I am sorry for any typos or grammar problems, I am SO tired!!

Hip #53

Hey everyone, sorry I didn't update last night, I was exhausted!!! You'll notice the title of this post is hip #53, and there are 53 horses going through the sale :-) Somehow we managed to draw LAST!!! I am pretty excited about that, I'm hoping that everyone will have spent all their money and won't want to wait around until the end of the auction to bid. We'll see what happens. As far as the in hand and riding patterns, I drew the 46th position for in hand and I will be 32nd in the riding course.

They made a few changes to the scoring system in this competitions since so many people were disqualified from the first event. They said no one would be disqualified in this event. That made me happy, but at the same time I wasn't real worried about going off pattern.

Well I am hoping to have someone video the in hand pattern for me, so I will try to get it posted tonight. I am not sure if the Alliant Energy Center has WiFi or not, but I am going to bring my laptop just in case.

Well, I've got to be to Madison by 7:30 am to get Remington paint branded with his number, so I am headed out now!

Wish us luck!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Not Long Now

First of all, I'd like to thank everyone who has commented and given me advice about my dilemma. I really appreciate the kind words and encouragement. I know that no matter the outcome, Rem will have a good home.

I would also like to wish my fellow competitors good luck in the upcoming competition. I hope your travels are safe, no matter how far you've got to go. I am really looking forward to meeting everyone at the meeting on Thursday night.

Now, onto the preparations!!

Here is the unsuspecting Remington, moments before...

...HIS BATH!!! It was 70 degrees out today, so I couldn't resist. Rem was pretty good, considering how cold the water was. He danced a little, but I couldn't blame him.

I had lots of help though... the dogs made sure I had the grooming supplies I needed.

And the girls were a great audience, they made Remington feel like a real stud!!

Now for some before and after photos. Do you remember this one?? That's the muddy mustang
that came home with me on January 9th.

And this is the beautiful mustang, headed to Madison for the Midwest Horse Fair. He was still
a little wet in that photo, but I'd say that's a pretty nice makeover...

Well, my next update will be tomorrow night, when I get home from the fair. We will have had the trainer meeting so I am hoping I will know more about when exactly I will be competing. I am not sure if they will have the order pre-determined or if they will be drawing the day of each competition.

We are leaving at 7 am to get to the grounds at 8 am, when they open. I'm hoping to get a good spot for the trailer, as Barn 1 is just about as far from the trailer parking lot as you can get...

Well, I've still got quite a few things to do tonight, like filling out an adoption application!! So I am going to get to it.

Friday, April 11, 2008

What a Dilemma

I am having a very hard time getting ready to say goodbye to Remington. So hard in fact, that I am thinking about selling my two year old filly in order to buy Rem. I only have $500 to spend though, and I have no idea what these horses will go for...

I was talking to my mom, asking for advice and she wasn't much help. I asked her, "Mom, if you had to sell me or Dustin (my brother), which one would you sell??" She didn't answer...

My plan is to fill out an adoption application and bid up to $500. If I win Rem, I put my filly up for sale, and if someone outbids me, then I keep my filly and say farewell to Rem.

I suppose that is all I can do, and whatever happens is meant to be...

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Trail Pictures

Here are a few photos from the trail ride last Saturday

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Happy Trails

Sorry it's taken so long for an update! I am still waiting on pictures from Jessi from our trail ride on Saturday! Yep, we took the wild mustangs out for their first trail ride to the state park in Palmyra. Both of the guys did great! They really wanted to walk out (or trot out!) at the beginning of our ride, but by the end they were pooped!! Palmyra has tons of hills, so they really had their work cut out for them and they didn't even know it! On the way back Remington would need to stop in the middle of a hill for a breather.

We were out for a good 2 hour ride, and even though it was about 60 degrees out, much of the trails were still covered in snow! There were a few sandy areas though and we even loped a little. Remington had an awesome sliding stop in the deep sand!

When we got back to the trailer we unsaddled and led them over to a sandy spot to let them roll! They loved that, especially Nash, I've never seen a horse roll over as many times as he did.

These mustangs sure don't seem like the wild horses we met back in January.

I will be sure to post photos as soon as I get them, until then, here is a video of a trail course we set up today... Remington has so much room for improvement, but I can't complain. I never got his spin to where I wanted it, and his head set is nonexistent, but he does everything I ask him to do and tries so hard, how could I want anything more??

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Working Outside

This morning the ground was frozen again, so we got to work in the big arena. Remington seems to enjoy working in a large area. He is much stronger outside though, and it takes more to control him. I am hoping that the ground will be good all week so I can continue our work outside because we can lope in the outdoor arena.

I had Aubrey make up a riding and showmanship pattern for us to work through. Rem didn't know what to think about all that space so before we worked on the pattern we worked on some cantering. He was all over the place! He did get a little better, but at the end of our riding pattern the circle he did was way bigger than what I had in mind. Obviously we don't do straight lines (under saddle or on the ground!) Remington prefers crooked lines :-) The patterns were okay for a greenie, but we have so much to work on and only 2 weeks left!! This has to have been the fastest 100 days of my life! You can see the video and a few photos below.

Also, for those of you attending the Midwest Horse Fair, the Mustang Challenge horses (and the Mustang Pride horses) will be in Barn 1! So, that's probably where I will be spending a lot of time. Also wanted to say that I will be getting video of my patterns each day and will post them each night, so those of you who can't make it to the Horse Fair will be able to follow along on the computer! ( You might have to stay up late though!)