Sunday, March 30, 2008

Weekend Update

This weekend was pretty good. Saturday we went over to Tracy's arena again for the Mustang Pride breed demo practice. I rode Remington again, and he was really good. After the practice was over, we worked on some obstacles. Jessi and Nash were there as well. We got to walk over an old mattress. Both horses did pretty well, Nash was hesitant at first, but once he realized mattresses don't eat horses, he walked over calmly. Remington just wanted to paw the mattress.

I wanted to do more loping after everyone left, but Remington must have been pretty exhausted after the practice. We were loping a circle and as we came around I asked for a stop to avoid a few other horses in the arena. Remington lost his footing and went down, we both took a spill in front of everyone!! The landing was soft enough though, and he seems to be just fine. Luckily when he went down it was a fall to the side instead of head over heels. I got him up and got back on and just took it easy from there on out.

One of the boarders at Tracy's recognized Remington from the blog, I thought that was really cool!! So if you've been following along, and you see us at Midwest, be sure to stop and say hello! I would love to meet anyone who's been following our progress (especially if you're interested in adopting Rem)

Today I took Rem out and ponied him some more. I haven't done a real trail ride on him because he is still pretty goosey out in the open. He is much more comfortable in an arena. Not to mention I really haven't had a chance to ride him on any trails! It's been too snowy, icy, or muddy. I would like to get a few trail rides in before the fair, but he sure won't be a finished trail mount when he goes through that auction.

After that we worked some more in the arena. I wanted to get him really good at the gate because it really does show control over your horse. He is getting pretty good and in the video you will see he can now back through the gate. I have also been dragging things off of him. I think he would make a pretty cool rope horse if someone wanted him for that. He is pretty big, and doesn't mind dragging things around. He is really comfortable with ropes all over his body. Well, that's about it for now! Hope you like the video and photos!


ell said...

I'm following along from up here in Maine and am so very impressed with your progress.

Jessie said...

Thank you Ell!

I must admit, Remington is an exceptional horse. I had no idea how far we would come in 100 days, but he has done nothing but try for me! I am so proud of him.

Tracey said...

Looking good, Jess! Love your photoshop skills, too :) When will you be leaving for Expo?

Callie said...

He seems like such a solid horse. I'm looking so forward to meeting you and him at the fair!

Jessie said...

Thanks Tracey!

The gates open at 8 am for horses to start arriving on Thursday April 17, so I am leaving at 7 am and should arrive just as they open! I am only about 45 minutes from the event, so I will be driving back to my house every night. After all, I do have dogs and horses to feed here too! That means that everyone will get updates and maybe even video each night! :-)

Jessie said...

Callie, are you sure you don't have room for another horse??


Katee said...

I'm so looking forward to meeting you and Remington in Madison. It'll be fun to see everyone perform!

nativetxan said...

As you knowoever does get h Jess, if I had the $$$$ I would be up there and would be bringing Remy home with ME!! From the videos I've seen of him it looks like he could be a natural all around using horse. He has a natural stop, seems to pick up leads on his own. I bet he could be cowy. He just seems to have a sensible head from the bits I've seen in video. He puts me in mind of a horse I had that was a dream of a working horse. He was a barrel horse, a roping horse, a cow horse, just an all around using horse. Wish I could come up to see him in person. *sigh* It is not to be tho. I hope whoever does get him can take advantage of what seems to be his "all aroundness". Far as the sweatshirts, I'd like one. If you get too dark a color then Remy wouldn't show up.. Would hafta be a pale color. Let me know. my email is nativetxanj @ gmail . com(supposedly those space prevent spammers ??) Keep up the good work you 2!! Also, I hope you have someone video your whole performance. I'd love to be able to see it.