Sunday, March 9, 2008

Ups, Downs, and Everything In Between

It has been a slow week. After all the success of last weekend I decided to give Rem an easy week of training. He even had a few days off.

That turned out to be a mistake! Yesterday when I took him out to ride outside, he just wasn't paying attention. I was just asking him to move his hindquarters and he was being a stubborn brat about it so I gave him a pretty good thump (which I've done before to get him moving) and he took off BUCKING!!! Luckily it was in a straight line so I was able to ride through it. If there had been any zig zagging, I'd have eaten snow! I was able to pull his head around and stop him, and I know I came down hard on his back a few times, so hopefully he realized that bucking with a rider is NOT a pleasant experience. I was pretty baffled, but in a way I am glad that he did it and I was able to ride through it, I hope he learned something. After that I just got him moving his hindquarters off of my leg and called it quits for the day. I was tempted to ride him inside and work the snot out of him, but I was just too frustrated, and there's no place for that attitude on the back of a young mustang.

Today was 10 times better!! Aside from a little reluctance to load in the trailer we had a wonderful day. The Mustang Pride group was having a practice for the Midwest Horse Fair demonstration. The horse I will be riding wasn't there so I got to ride Remington. He was awesome the whole time. Before everyone got there we loped a few circles, and he was good but he still needs to trot into it. There was about 6 other horses in the arena with Rem by the time everyone arrived. We practiced walking through the drill pattern and he didn't mind riding in such close proximity to other horses at all! By the end of the day today, I had totally forgotten about that silly bucking fit.

I forgot my camera, so no photos, but hopefully I can get some this coming week. I am so excited for the warmer weather they are predicting. I can't wait!!

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