Saturday, March 1, 2008

Great day!

left to right (biggest to smallest): Remington, Jessie, Nash, Jessi, Mustang Mare, Tracy, Sign, Rebecca

We had such a good day! I am pretty exhausted, but I just had to post a quick update.

Remington's first trip off the farm was a success! We met Rebecca and Sign, Tracy and her mustang mare, and Jessi and Nash today at Signature Arabians for the mustang play day. It was so much fun, and more like riding with friends than fellow competitors. We all had fun, everyone was so nice. We even exchanged a few training tips. I learned a lot about tricks from Tracy, and Rebecca and Sign helped Remington and I through some of the "scariest" parts of the arena!

The best part was when Rebecca encouraged us to CANTER!! It was such a good feeling to finally be able to have enough room to safely ask Rem to pick up the canter. He just rolled right into it.

Aubrey was along and aside from being the photographer, she got the privilege of being the first person aside from Rebecca to ride Sign. Sign is about the size of her own mustang pony, so they got along pretty well!

I can't wait for the next mustang play day... if anyone wants to plan another, let me know the date and location!!


Tracey said...

Gee, sure sounds like y'all had a great time, Jess. And congrats on the lope! Hope things continue to progress nicely for you :)

I get to leave Weds morning to pick up next weekend there'll be a flood of pics of him/her.

Dena Plendl said...

Looks like you girls had a lot of fun. Once in a lifetime photo, lov it! Dena Plendl

Rebecca Bishop said...


Thanks so much for coming and being patient while all the chaos settled. You are alwasys welcome to come again and I promise it wouldn't be near as hectic.

Also, thanks for the compliment on the picture, I loved being labeled the smallest :)