Thursday, February 14, 2008


No, those aren't antlers, they're ear warmers! Okay, so really they're my gloves, but they sure do look funny on horse ears.

Tonight Remington experienced a new rider. Aubrey took him for a spin after I was done, and he was pretty well behaved. Aubrey is quite accustomed to these wild beasts, so it was a successful evening.

After we rode the young'ns we got our old girls out and played around on them. Man, is it nice to ride a really responsive horse after being on a greenie! It was nice to be reminded of how soft and wonderful they get, and I am excited to bring Remington to that point.


Tracey said...

Eeek! A Moose-tang! I hear they're vermisious, almost as bad as hefalumps and woozles!

ranchette said...

Love the antlers.

Strawberry Lane said...

You are really toooo clever!