Thursday, February 21, 2008

I should be at the barn right now...

But, I am here at home with my VERY naughty dog. See below...

My schedule at work is different for a few weeks, so I am working from 11am to 7:30pm. Instead of going out to work Rem in the morning, it's now nights.

Tonight I get home and find my bedroom trashed. Caper is a great paper shredder, you see. As I am picking up the mess, I find the remains of what was my boyfriend's valentine's day gift from work. A 7 oz milk chocolate Hershey Kiss. Yeah, it was one of those big ones that comes in a box, and all that's left is the box and some tinfoil (yep, some, because he ate most of that too!).

I gave the vet a call and she said that 7 oz's shouldn't hurt him, but to keep an eye on him because every dog reacts differently. She also said a side effect is usually diarrhea. So, here I am... waiting for the diarrhea to start. Darn dog. At least he will be ok... and lesson learned, from now on, this naughty pup will be kenneled when we leave the house.

Anyway, Remington is doing good, so a night off won't kill him. The farrier is coming tomorrow (finally). Hopefully this will help him out more. He doesn't pick up his feet as much as I'd like, and he does stumble, so once we get rid of those long toes he should be good to go. He is also pretty heavy on his forehand, so I really want to get him working off of his hindquarters better before I start to lope.

I am hoping the weather stays well enough to trailer to my friend's place this weekend. It will be a big step to actually get him into a different environment!

I have been keeping busy by watching the first competition on DVD. My boyfriend bought me the TV show for my birthday and I ordered the competition DVD as a gift for myself. It is very interesting to see all the mustangs and trainers go through the courses. All the trainers posting their progress in the Midwest Challenge seem to be right on schedule to do really well. I know it's very different when you get a horse in a situation with lots of people and a big empty arena, but it seems like a lot of the horses in the first competition weren't ready for some of the things they were asked to do. Then again, there were some AWESOME performances that I wouldn't expect out of any horse with just 100 days of training, let alone a wild mustang! I suppose that is why they are incorporating the 3 different levels into the Fort Worth competition. I'm not saying anyone did a bad job, just that perhaps no one knew what to expect, and now that we know, we seem to be way ahead of the game. The Midwest Challenge will definitely be a very competitive event!!


Cory Houtakker said...

I agree with everything you said in this post. 100 days doesn't seem very long for these horses to learn what they need to for the competition. I usually take things alot slower, but it feels like i have to push Monna alot further alot faster than I usually like to push a domesticated horse let alone a wild horse.

Anne said...

Here's where you went wrong. You didn't eat the chocolate kiss yourself, at once, as soon as you got it.

People with that kind of self-control astonish me.

Glad it didn't hurt the dog.

Jessie said...

You are right Cory, I am trying to make things easy on Rem, but I know he gets frustrated sometimes so I just need to take a step back and work on more simple things for a while.

Anne, you are so right, what was I thinking?? :-)