Saturday, February 9, 2008

Fun in a 36' by 36' arena

Yes, there are times I wish I had easy access to a large indoor arena, but there are still many things to work on in a small area! I am thankful for the little arena, because it keeps me out of the snow and the wind!

Today we set up a little obstacle course and had some fun. I think setting up obstacles is a great way to get your horse thinking and responding to your cues. It gives both you and the horse something to focus on and really makes them think about how they are using their body.

I have also been working on trotting. Rem is pretty lazy, so keeping him in the trot is work, but he is starting to understand that when I ask for something, he needs to keep doing it until I ask him to stop. Next weekend is a practice for the mustang pride group. I think I will be taking Remington along because there is a nice big arena to work in... Perhaps by then we will be ready for some loping!

Yesterday the vet was out to check teeth. He took a look at Remington's and couldn't find any sharp points. I asked about his wolf teeth and he said they are large, so they shouldn't give him a problem, but if they do we can have them removed. I was happy that Remington was cleared to go. I put the bit in and out of his mouth several times yesterday and he did what any green horse would do and chewed non stop. Today I put the bit in, but I still rode him in my halter. I could tell he was more focused on what was in his mouth than me, but by the end of our session he was holding the bit with no fuss. He's not real fond of it yet, but I've just got to give him time to adjust.


Sonny Garguilo said...

Great shot in the snow. Modern Arabian mag wrote about me that "Natural Horseman Sonny Garguilo is known for his unshaken patience with horses" I can see you have that also. That is what will make you a great trainer. Keep up the good work.I am proud to be in a competition with you.


Jessie said...

Thanks for checking in Sonny!!

I can't wait for your segment on the Nicker Network!

Katee said...

Wow. You two are doing really great and his trot looks nice and jaunty! I bet all that leaping about in the snow was quite a workout for you both. Just walking through that much snow is exhausting!

Tracey said...

Such a good boy! He's coming along very well, Jessie. And that shot in the snow is stellar!