Saturday, February 2, 2008

First Ride

Remington made sure he was safe during his first ride by wearing protective headgear!

I have been working on stepping in the saddle and sitting on him all week. My friend, Aubrey, helped me out by leading him around while I was on him. He is pretty relaxed about all this nonsense.

Today I decided it was time to try to ride without the help of Aubrey by his side. I got on and sat for a while talking to my aunt and uncle who came to visit. Then I asked for some forward movement.... nothing... asked again and got no response. The third time I asked he proceeded to rest a hind foot! Ok, so Aubrey was my videographer but she had to stop in order to help get Rem going. After following Aubrey around the arena, Rem finally started to realize what I was asking, so Aubrey could leave the arena and resume the video.

I am riding in a rope halter because I'd like to have his teeth checked before I put a bit in his mouth. I start most of my horses in a halter anyhow.

I'm looking forward to another ride tonight!


Christy said...

I LOVE that picture. How freakin cute!!

Tracey said...

Oh, that's just too funny, Jessie! Here I am, struggling to get a halter on and Remi's wearing his head gear, lol!

I started both Jet and Quiet Storm in halters, too. Storm has a low palette, so I don't think she'll ever wear a bit. I like to start in bosals before moving into a bit, too, so the halters just seem to be a reasonable first step.

You're going to have to post that pic of him on the forum, okay?