Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Remington and I haven't been up to much lately. Just working on the basics and getting used to the bit.

Yesterday I brought out a green ball I bought from Wal-Mart and he didn't really like it. He was pretty goofy, running and bucking all over because of a silly ball. I think he probably just felt good though. After I got some footage of him being a goose we worked on desensitizing him to the ball and by the end I could roll it under him and bounce it off of him without a flinch.

Judging by a few of his bucks though, I bet he could have a career as a bronc on the rodeo circuit! Thank goodness he's never bucked while I've been on him! (knock on wood)

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Tracey said...

Watching them buck is something we most definitely something we do NOT need to see, lol! At least you've been on him and know what a kind soul he really is.