Friday, January 25, 2008

A good day

I'm sure you are wondering about the farrier, well we didn't trim his feet. I should have seen it coming, even though he is fine with me doing anything I want to him, he is not okay with strangers yet. I think my farrier had a plan in mind to begin with because he didn't bring his tools in when he came to the barn. He just wanted to meet Remington and get him used to his presence before asking him to do anything. Rem was obviously nervous around him, but did pick up his feet when asked. We decided it would be best to try another time, and not ask him to do anything during his first encounter with the farrier. He will return Monday.

Today was a lot of fun. I feel that Remington is now truly enjoying our time together. He seems to be trying a lot harder to do what I ask, and is starting to look for praise when he does the right thing.

I started off today sacking him out with none other than a feed sack! I wonder if that's where the term came from? Heh heh. He did pretty well with it, but better on his left side than his right. After he stood well with the repeated crinkling noise all over his body, I figured he could probably handle the clippers, so I brought those out next.

I hog tied him and shaved his brand off... ONLY KIDDING! I didn't hog tie him! I did clip his brand though, and I think he actually enjoyed the clippers. It was like a horsey massage for his neck. He also liked it on his muzzle, but I didn't try for a bridle path.

Next, I got the saddle out. I've been introducing it slowly and he has taken to it well. Today was the first day I asked him to trot with it though, and he did quite well. He was a little surprised but quickly relaxed again.

And lastly, I decided it was time for him to wear a blanket. He'll be going out to his pen this weekend as it's not supposed to be as cold, so for extra warmth he can wear a blanket out there!

I still had to clean his stall after I put the blanket on, so of course when left in an arena full of sand what does he do? Roll with the blanket on.... what a goose. I should have known...

I am looking forward to getting lots done this weekend, and of course I'll have a video to share!


Anonymous said...

you go girl----!!!
he looks great,
and i love your name dont know me, but a friend of mine is also in this challenge-
so i was checking out the of luck to you and remi..

Cory Houtakker said...

Hi Jessie, my name is Cory Houtakker and i'm a trainer in the challeng as well. While searching the net i came across your blog. thank you, thank you, thank you. i wanted to post my progress with my mustang on the net as well, but wasn't sure how when i stumbled on your blog. So i created one. my address is
once again thank you posting your blog and can't wait to meet you at the fair

Tracey said...

Good job, Jessie! You're dong so well, I'm very proud of you! Rem is a sweetheart. He just sucks you right in with those eyes, doesn't he?

Looks like I'd better go check out Cory's blog now, eh?

Oh,'ve been tagged. Better head to the Carpenter Creek blog to find out the rules!