Saturday, January 19, 2008

Day 10 video is up

Here is the video for Day 10

So... it was -9 this morning when we went out to do that video. My toes and fingers and face were frozen! Poor Remington was shivering, so I put him in a stall for the day.

We are working hard on our ground work, because I am not going to overlook that area of the competition! Over 35 trainers in the first competition scored a 0 on the in hand portion.

After my last post, I got some pretty good advice from a few of my fellow trainers. It was great to talk with them about the way things are going, and to learn a little more about training mustangs, as this is my first attempt.

The most important advice though was to do things at my own pace and not worry about how everyone else is doing. I am proud of Remington and all of the things he's accomplished so far. The biggest challenge has been the "bridge". You will see at the end of the video how well he does with it, but I spent 2 and a half hours out with him on Thursday trying to get him up on that thing. He just didn't know how to pick up his feet that high, and he wouldn't look at it. I would walk him right up to it and his feet would hit it and he'd stop dead in his tracks. I worked on getting him to lower his head so he could take a look at it. That didn't help much, but it was a valuable lesson none the less. Next I would set his foot on the bridge for him, just to show him that it could be done. I think he found it amusing that I was trying to make him move his feet... He finally did figure it out, but it was a struggle, and looking back, I shouldn't have asked him at that time. I should have worked on crossing over obstacles that are flush with the ground as opposed to raised. It's over and done with though and Remington learned one thing...

I'm more stubborn than he is!


Gecko said...

I don't know how you can stand that cold! I'm in Australia and it's summer here, but even in winter it doesn't get much lower than 2-3 degrees celcius.

Jessie said...

I don't know how I stand it either!!! I wish it was summer, I keep asking myself who's idea it was to have this competition in the winter!

Calico Junction said...


I think you are doing great with your mustang. Keep up the good work and remember don't rush. If you have his head you have his body.

Jim and Nancy Nothstein
Calico Junction Mule Ranch

Tracey said...

Jess, where's the link to your videos?

Also, spend some time watching Kitty Lauman's videos of herself and Ranger; they're an excellent resource. Can't tell you how many times I watched the halter one (although I'm sure you can guess that it was plenty, eh?)

Jessie said...

Tracey, the links are right under the title. The text that says "Here is the video for day 10".

I am the same way about watching the video's that Kitty put up. Before the challenge started I would watch them all the time. I really studied the bamboo pole method, and that's what I first used with Remington. I am going to have to find some time to go back and look over them again!

sonny said...

Hey Jess,
Dont worry so much. Do your best and that will be fine! If you dont have fun with this it wont be fun!
Take your time. Last thing is simple, I always say this at the end of my clinics.
"Listen to your horse, he has a lot to say"
Good Luck,
Sonny Garguilo
Natural Horseman!

P.S. See you in Wisconsin