Sunday, January 13, 2008

2nd video is up

Here is the 2nd part of day 4

I don't know why the videos are so grainy... it's rather upsetting that they are of high quality off of my camera and then when transferred to youtube they turn to blurry messes :-(

Oh well, if anyone has any suggestions on how to upload good videos, let me know.

Went back out tonight and was feeling confident... that was a mistake!

I thought we could possibly make the trek from Remington's pen to the barn... Remington had other ideas! It started out okay, we made it through the gate about 5 steps and then Rem noticed he was "free!" and proceeded to snort, spin and bolt! Haha, that was fun. I got him turned around and decided it was time to go back into his pen and try for the barn another day. Again, Remington had other ideas. He was not willing to give up his newfound freedom yet. So after about 15 minutes of coaxing we made it back into the safety of his pen.

Back to work in the pen, I was able to pick up all four feet and hold them with my rope. I was quite pleased with this. Over all I'm happy with where we are, but this is definitely a lesson in patience!


Tracey said...

Jessie, you are doing SO well! Light years ahead of Firecracker already, lol! I watched the first video, and will go take a peek at the second one now.

Oh, we all feel over confident now and again with these guys. And just when you think they've really taken to a new step? They suddenly act like they've never done it before! least Sunny used to do that to me all the time. Frustrated the heck out of me :)

Katee said...

Jessie, I'm enjoying your blog a lot! I live in St. Paul, MN and own a mustang gelding I adopted 5 years ago when he was 3 years old. I agree with Tracey that you are doing a great job. Please keep us posted on your progress and I hope that you're able to convince Remington soon that walking nicely into the shelter of the barn is a smart thing to do.

Jessie said...

Thanks for the comments Tracey and Katee!

Katee, are you going to come down for the Horse Fair in April? I know it's a long drive but it would be worth it!